FanTime Foundation for Cultural Development

FanTime Foundation

for Cultural Development

what is meaning

The art of Arabic time in the English language was created logo blending of cultures and the arts to bridge the gap between the views

Women’s support in the field of art

Artists suffer from marginalization and attempts at independence in the midst of a artistic does not encourage the free orientation artists It seeks to focus on the culture of temptation and display the body more than a display of talent

Artistic identity

Helping artists and creators to innovate cultural and artistic identity

ACJ Project

Contribute to the development of the capacity of journalists to write about art and culture in order to support art and focus on the entity and identity of Yemeni society and cultures as an alternative to the culture of extremism


Provide own YouTube channel scenes and clips of the young talents of artistic definition of them creations

Fantime Mobile

Artistic and cultural news service monitors all cultural and literary events that tells you all new versions of books and cultural activities


Art is similar to being in love unexplainable. - Rabindranath Tagore‎
Art is similar to being in love unexplainable.

works to support young artistic talents for the sake of the fight against intellectual extremism It began its work in 2013 as a website to cover the cultural and artistic News Then shift the site of a cultural & community Foundation the Foundation has worked to set up events and the definition of young artists through the local and international media The Foundation also set up in collaboration with a partner first artistic cultural conference, which discussed the problems faced by artists and intellectuals and discuss ways and solutions to organizations with official gov Foundation issued several calls for help to neutralize the immaterial, artistic and cultural conflicts and the ongoing war heritage

  • Cultural projects

    Since the beginning of the work of the Foundation five cultural projects carried out self-funded

  • Artists have been qualified

    Acrosstrained to deal with the new media and to assist them in communicating with the media and community technology

  • Projects ideas stopped because of the war

    It has been suspended several projects because of the war in Yemen and the Middle East

  • Threat to the culture and awareness

    The proportion of threats and towards our cultural institutions and artists violations And the threat of relics and historical monuments

Fantime Team

The founders & Memberlist
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Furas Shamsan

founder Project Manager
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Fadwa Mrabti

Art Director
Moroccan journalist specializing in the field of arts and culture
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Nadiah Alkokabany

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Basem Alkathiri

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alaa alshalali

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eyad alwsmani

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Zakaria Dahman

Fadi Al Harbi

Riam Baabad




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